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Its main church is La Soledad constructed in the 19th century.
There are que procura uma mulher de 20 anos, em um homem still some lake areas along with four major canals and wetlands, also under conservation status.
Those considered by the government to be urban (with 2010 population figures in parentheses) are: Tláhuac (305,076 San Juan Ixtayopan (24,120 San Andrés Mixquic (13,310 Santa Catarina Yecahuitzotl (9,563 and San Nicolás Tetelco (4,246).A b "Santa Catarina Yecahuizotl" (in Spanish).The first two are important as sources of water for the chinampas of the borough and as a tourist attraction.Tlahuac pronunciation, contents, geography and environment edit, view of Lago de los Reyes Aztecas near San Juan Tláhuac.It was rebuilt several times due to moisture damage with the current structure dating to the 17th century.It served as a customs checkpoint until just after the Mexican War of Independence.It consists of a mass and exhibition of the Host on the main altar of the church for 40 hours, surrounded by flowers, sawdust carpets, live music, dances and fireworks.Las ofrendas se adorna con papel picado, imágenes religiosas, retratos, cirios, veladoras, flores de cempasúchil principalmente, agua, sal, frutas, juguetes o herramientas, y la comida que era del agrado del difunto.Tlahuac mapa, para cambiar a la vista de la calle panorama virtuales - arrastrar el icono humana de izquierda superior del mapa hasta el lugar que usted está interesado.The pieces are mostly of clay and stone from the Teotihuacan era found in the Tlahuac area.
There are sufficient primary and middle schools but a lack of educational services above this level.
The patron saint is honored on November 30, with processions.

Neighborhoods with the densest population include La Nopalera, Colonial Miguel Hidalgo and Colonial Los Olivos where most of the boroughs apartment complexes can be found.Most of the livestock raised is pigs, followed by cattle than sheep.Panoramas virtuales no están hechos para todos los lugares en el mapa.4 On the south end is the Tehuitli Volcanco with an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level."Santiago Zapotitlán" (in Spanish).It contains exhibitions of local archeological pieces which encontros às cegas dicas mostly date between 1200 to 1500CE but also some from the Toltec and Teotihuacan periods.4 After the end of the military conflict, residents petitioned for autonomy, leading to the segregation of Tláhuac from Xochimilco in 1924 as a municipality.La festividad principal de San Juan Ixtayopan es del 2 al 5 de enero en honor a la Virgen de la Soledad, así mismo la Fiesta en honor a San Juan Bautista en el mes de junio y la Feria del Elote en el mes.
The dance represents the battles between the Moors and Christians in which Saint James plays a central role.
2 4 Much of this produce was sent to Mexico City as a way of paying tribute.